Chrome For Desktop May Get Screenshot Editor

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Google is working on a feature that’s long overdue, editing screenshots on the Chrome browser for desktop. According to Tech Down, the company is in the works of bringing the functionality, and people can try it out now (sort of). After enabled, we’re not sure exactly how long this feature is going to last, however.

Editing screenshots on Chrome is still an experiment.

If you want to start taking and editing screenshots on chrome, you will need to know that this isn’t an official feature just yet. Google likes to invite people to try out new features for its products; they could be on YouTube, Chrome, or the Play Store. Screenshot editing is still in the experiment stage, and that means you can’t really use it.

Before enabling the screenshot feature, Google warns you that there are certain risks associated with turning it on. You can lose browser data, and also, it might pose a security hazard. If you want to proceed, do so at your own risk.


How to enable the feature

Firstly, you’ll want to go to chrome://flags. Once you go there, you’ll see a simple page of text and a list of options below (be sure to mind the warning Google gives at the very top). This is the list of features that you can try out, and you can either scroll down to find screenshots or search it up in the search bar.

When you find it, select “Enable,” and you will be prompted to relaunch your browser, but don’t do it just yet. Before you do so, you will also need to enable the “Desktop sharing hub in Omnibox” feature. You activate it the same way as screenshots. Once you do so, relaunch your browser and you will be able to take screenshots.

To take screenshots, go to the page you want to shoot and click on the address bar. You’ll notice a new share icon on the right end (a square with an arrow coming out). From there, you’ll see a dropdown menu with the second option being screenshot.


You will then select the area that you want to shoot. After that, Chrome will automatically give you the option to either download that screenshot or start editing it.

This feature is still in production, so the actual functionality will have to wait

When you click the screenshot option, you’ll get a white screen with the text “Placeholder text” on it and nothing else. This means that the feature is still being developed at the moment.

While that may be true, you still have the ability to save your screenshots to your computer. They save as PNG files. There’s no telling when editing screenshots on Chrome will finally come, so be patient.