Google Prepares A Big Upgrade For Pixel 6's At A Glance Widget

Android 12 At A Glance Widget AM AH

The Pixel 6 series debuted a revamped “At a Glance” widget that Google has been teasing since I/O 2021 in May. The updated widget, which now spans the entire width of the Pixel Launcher and is scrollable, not just gets a UI overhaul but also comes with added capabilities. It appears there’s more to come.

The folks over at 9to5Google have discovered that Google is preparing a bunch of new capabilities for the At a Glance widget. Integration with Nest Doorbells and the battery life of your connected Bluetooth devices are among the new additions. You can check them all out below:

  • At a store: Shopping lists and Google Pay rewards cards when you’re in supported stores
  • Bedtime: Your upcoming bedtime from the Clock app
  • Connected devices: Connection status and battery info for your Bluetooth devices
  • Doorbell: Show who’s at the door when your doorbell rings
  • Fitness: Activity info from your fitness app
  • Flashlight: Reminder when the flashlight is on
  • Safety check: Safety check countdown from the Personal Safety app
  • Timer & stopwatch: Timer and stopwatch info from the Clock app

At a Glance already offers quick access to a bunch of things on Android 12. It lets you see traffic and ETA (estimated time of arrival), weather info and severe weather alerts, calendar events and reminders, flight info from Gmail, and more. In some cases, it can show the QR code for your flight boarding pass as well. Google has also teased the ability to see your workout stats. Now, the company is making the widget even more useful by adding a bunch of new capabilities. Some of these features, like flashlight reminder and doorbell integration, will make things remarkably convenient for users.


Google prepares new capabilities for the revamped At a Glance widget

The evidence for these upcoming “At a Glance” features was discovered during an APK teardown of the latest version (S10) of the Android System Intelligence (ASI) app, which was previously known as Device Personalization Services. While there’s no way to tell when these features will go live, it should be safe to assume that they will be first available to Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users. The revamped At a Glance widget itself is currently exclusive to the latest Google phones. We will let you know once the new update rolls out to users, as well as when Google brings the new At a Glance widget to other Pixel phones.