Google Assistant Is Behind Ghost Dialing On The Pixel 6 & 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 AM AH 2

Some Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners have previously reported that their devices ghost dialing random contacts. The new findings prove that the problem is related to Google Assistant.

Google had just launched a new series of its smartphones a few weeks ago, and they’re coming with some impressive features. Even the demand for new Pixels was so high that it made it difficult for Google to deliver ordered phones on time. However, these devices are dealing with annoying bugs.

Google Assistant is to blame for Pixel 6 ghost dials

The owners have ventilated the topic at Reddit and Pixel Phone Help page, saying Google Assistant spontaneously ‘butt dials’ some specific contacts on the phone. This happens even when the phone is in the pocket, and the screen is locked.


As a solution, some users deactivated Google Assistant’s “Hey Google” voice activation, and others deleted some contacts from their phones. Google hasn’t still responded to the affected users, and no actual solution is currently available. A bug fix must be on the way in the coming weeks.

Software bugs are a common practice on Pixel phones

This is not the first time that the Google Pixel phones series appeared to have wired bugs. The Pixel 4 series came with problems like poor battery performance, apps freezing, defeat in Motion Sense feature, and many other bugs. The Pixel 5 also had some weird issues.

The Pixel 6 series is following the same way. Last week, some users reported that a green tint appeared on their phone’s screen. Google has also acknowledged the issue and promised to release a bug fix update in December for both phones.


Moreover, some owners have reported a problem with Android Auto. According to the Android Auto support page topic, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro disconnects from Android Auto while connected via USB. Other users reported that they have the same problem with older Pixel phones.

Google hasn’t still responded to the numerous bugs on its phones, but the company will certainly release updates in the coming weeks to address the issues.