Galaxy S21 FE To Arrive In Two Storage Variants

Galaxy S21 FE concept Letsgodigital image 116

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE seems to be coming in two storage variants. The device has been spotted on a website in the UK, a third-party reseller, it would seem. Now, the pricing has been listed as well, but we’ll completely ignore that, as it’s too high.

Such resellers tend to bump up the price of the device quite considerably, and the prices mentioned here are completely unrealistic, so there’s really no point in getting into it.

The Galaxy S21 FE is coming in two storage variants, it seems

The RAM count and storage options are also listed, though, and those may be accurate. So, based on this information, the Galaxy S21 FE will launch with 8GB of RAM, and in 128GB and 256GB storage variants.


This is easily possible, as Samsung probably has no plans to launch a 64GB variant. A 512GB storage option is likely not in the company’s plans either, as this is supposed to be a budget flagship.

That being said, based on some recently-leaked information, the Galaxy S21 FE will become official on January 4. The phone’s availability will be limited, but we’re still not sure in which markets it will launch exactly. We’ve heard all types of different information.

One source said it is coming only in Europe, the other said it’ll launch in Europe and the US, and so on. We’ll have to wait in order to see what information is accurate.


It will resemble its predecessor

The Galaxy S21 FE has been leaking for quite some time now. The device will resemble its predecessor, and the Galaxy S21 FE series. It will likely ship with a frame made out of metal, and a plastic backplate.

The Snapdragon 888 will fuel this phone, while the device will include a flat 120Hz AMOLED display. Fast charging is expected, and wireless charging support as well.

This handset will have a lot to offer, but Samsung will need to hit the right price point. The Galaxy S22 series is coming around a month after the Galaxy S21 FE, and it may ruin the Galaxy S21 FE sales if the price is not right.