Galaxy S21 FE Appears In A Sort Of Hands-On Video

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE leak back panel hands on

Earlier this week, we saw the back panel for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE leak in all four colors. It turned out some retailers are already selling the unofficial component for virtually anyone to buy. YouTube channel Concept Creator has got hold of it and made a sort of Galaxy S21 FE hands-on video. Of course, the video doesn’t feature the device itself but only its back panel. However, it does give us a fair amount of idea about its size.

The Galaxy S21 FE back panel fits “decently well” on a Galaxy S10+ frame. This should mean that the upcoming Fan Edition (FE) device will have dimensions somewhat similar to the 2019 Galaxy S flagship. The rumored screen size supports that as well. The Galaxy S21 FE is said to feature a 6.5-inch display, while the Galaxy S10+ had a 6.4-inch AMOLED panel.

As far as the design is concerned, the Galaxy S21 FE will keep the Contour Cut Camera design from its pricier siblings. The rear camera island will seamlessly blend with the device’s frame. But unlike the original Galaxy S21 models, which have the metallic frame itself protruding on the back, it will have the whole design made out of plastic. The device is expected to come in at least four colors: grey/black, white, purple, and light green.


Apart from this, the new video also runs us through some of the leaked specifications of the upcoming Samsung phone. And honestly, we have had plenty of Galaxy S21 FE leaks in the past. This back panel leak is only a tip of an iceberg of leaks we have had over these past few months. Those leaks have revealed pretty much everything we need to know about the phone. You can find them all in our Galaxy S21 FE Preview. If everything turns out to be true, then it is going to be quite a compelling proposition from Samsung.

When will Galaxy S21 FE launch?

The Galaxy S21 FE has been in the rumor mill for a long time and there’s seemingly no stopping to its leaks.  But its launch is still a mystery. It has already passed at least three different rumored launch dates. We are now hearing that the phone will arrive in January 2022, though there are contradicting reports when it comes to the exact date. Some say the device will break cover on January 11, while some others claim Samsung will unveil it at CES 2022 that kicks off in Las Vegas on January 5. We expect things to get clearer in the coming weeks.