Fitness Section And Videos Disappear From Samsung Health App

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The Samsung Health app is a good resource for fitness materials, with information on workouts plus videos. But the company could be winding down some of its health-related content on the app, according to new reports.

According to SamMobile (via), Samsung has removed the Fitness section from the Samsung Health app. This also means content from creators like 300FIT, BlessLife, BodyBuilding.com, Echelon, Keep, and Skimble have now disappeared. The company has reportedly removed the Fitness section only for users in South Korea. But other regions could follow suit soon.

A user approached the Samsung Members forum to learn more about this removal. A moderator confirmed the development but couldn’t explain why. The moderator went on to recommend users to follow the dedicated YouTube channels of the creators to stay updated with their content.


Samsung previously removed the weight tracking feature from the Health app

SamMobile claims the Fitness section currently appears on Samsung Health version, so this could be a phased removal. This isn’t the first time that the company is making some changes to the Health app. Last year, Samsung removed food, caffeine, and weight tracking features from its app.

In any case, this move is quite puzzling, especially since Samsung hasn’t said why it is taking this step. This could be a winding down of core Samsung Health features or perhaps a measure to trim down the app to a certain extent. We expect to receive a decent explanation from the Korean manufacturer on the matter.

The removal of some features from Samsung Health could prove detrimental to users of the company’s Galaxy Watch 4. Last month, the company made a crucial change to data visualization on the Health app by modifying how the Continuous Heart Rate graph is displayed. Some users speculated that this was done to hide the inaccuracies of the smartwatch, though this claim is currently without merit.


Samsung Health has come a long way since the days of S Health nearly a decade ago. Earlier this year, an update to the app allowed users to compete with their friends in a wide range of fitness challenges. It’s worth pointing out that the Samsung Health app is also available on some of the manufacturer’s smart TVs.