Save $100 On Fitbit's Best Smartwatch – The Sense

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit has had a few smartwatches in its time, but none have been as good as the Fitbit Sense, its latest watch, which is also available for a really good deal right now. And during this sale, which is likely limited, you can actually save pretty big.

Normally the Fitbit Sense retails for $299. But currently Amazon has it on sale for just $199. So you save $100 on this full-featured smartwatch which comes with some pretty nice perks.

For starters, the Fitbit Sense tracks nearly every activity imaginable. From running to walking to cycling to weight lifting and beyond. It also tracks sleep, heart rate, and stress.


Of course, one of the best reasons to get the Sense is because it comes with a free 6-month membership to Fitbit Premium. Which normally costs $9.99 a month or $80 for a year. Fitbit Premium is filled with special perks that you won’t get from the normal app.

Such as guided meditation and guided workouts, free access to the content from the hit sleep and meditation app Calm, and more. You can grab the Sense in a few different colors too. Plus, Fitbit makes additional bands and straps for it in various colors and materials.

It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. So you can easily initiate hands-free actions for anything smart-home related. Or just ask questions if you need a quick answer. Like nearly all smartwatches and trackers you can get smartphone notifications for messages and phone calls too.


When it comes to battery life, you’re looking at 6 or more days. Depending on what features you use and how often you use them. And quite honestly that’s pretty good as it means you can use it basically al week then charge it on the weekends. When you probably have more down time to relax.

Fitbit Sense - Amazon