Save $30 On Elgato's Premium Wave:3 Streaming Microphone

Elgato Wave3 Deal

Amazon has a deal on the Elgato Wave:3 streaming microphone right now bringing it down in cost by 20%. Normally, you’d pay $150 to get this mic. Right now though, because Amazon has a ton of limited time deal prices up for Black Friday, the Elgato Wave:3 is being discounted down to $120. Saving you $30.

If you’re just starting your streaming career or you’re looking for an upgrade, the Elgato Wave:3 is a great choice for your needs. The Wave:3 is powered by USB so it easily plugs into your desktop or laptop, or whatever you use for your setup. It also comes with quite a few nice features.

Like a condenser for better precision in picking up your speech patterns. Aside from Elgato’s well-deserved popularity thanks to its well-known quality, the mic also provides convenient access to volume adjustment thanks to the dial on the front.


That volume dial is also multifunctional. So it doesn’t only control the volume. It can also be used to control the input gain, and the crossfade between the mic and PC mix. It features a cardioid polar pattern too. In addition to a capacitive mute button for disengaging the mic quietly (you won’t have to click any buttons). And it has a steel grille. Which offers more than adequate sound diffusion but also better protection as the steel is more durable than fabric.

It comes with a stand so it can be used sitting straight up on your desk, but it can also be mounted to a microphone arm if you prefer that setup. Plus, there’s an input for headphones if you need a place to plug in a wired pair. In addition to this deal, which is just the mic, Amazon also has the Wave:3 kit on sale too. Which includes the pop filter, and the shock mount. This normally retails for $219.99, but it’s on sale for $184.99.

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