You Can Now Easily Block Other Users On Spotify

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Spotify is making it easier to block other users on the platform. Well, the music streaming app may not be the first place where you’d want to block someone. But if you don’t want a person to see your playlists or activity on Spotify, you can now block them. And you can do that quite easily. Simply go to their profile and click the three dots menu (…) next to the “Follow” button, which you’ll find under their username and photo. Now select “Block” (on desktop) or “Block user” (on mobile) and you’re done.

This is a massively easier and faster way of blocking a user on Spotify. Earlier, if you wanted to block someone, you needed to contact Spotify customer service. With the latest addition, you can now get the job done yourself. Users you have blocked on Spotify will not be able to access your profile or see your listening activity and public playlists. Note that you can unblock a user you’ve previously blocked in the same way at any time.

“At Spotify, we’re committed to delivering the best possible listening experience to our users,” a company spokesperson told The Verge in an e-mailed statement. “Privacy is something that is, and always will be, enormously important to us and our block feature, which gives users more control, is the latest step towards that commitment.”


Spotify finally adds the ability to block other users directly

Spotify users have been long asking for the ability to directly block other users on the platform. Back in July 2018, the company said it is considering adding the feature. However, it didn’t provide any expected timeframe for the feature, neither did it add the feature to its product roadmap. In the meantime, it introduced the ability to block artists with a  “Don’t play this artist” option in January 2019.

The music streaming giant is finally letting users directly block other users as well. You no longer need to reach out to its customer service for help. So if you don’t jibe well with someone, or if a user is stalking or harassing you on Spotify, remember that there’s a now block option. This feature is rolling out on Spotify beginning this week. It should reach all users globally over the next few weeks. You can click the button below to download the latest version of the Spotify app for your Android smartphone from the Google Play Store.