Doogee Has A Ton Of 11.11 Deals For You To Check Out

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Doogee has quite a few deals to offer for 11.11. The company has decided to discount quite a few of its devices for the occasion. Before we go any further, do note that 11.11 is basically China’s version of a Black Friday.

The company has decided to discount a ton of products on its official AliExpress store. You can access Doogee’s official AliExpress store via this link, or simply tap the link / button we’ve placed below the article.

Doogee is offering discounts up to 25-percent for 11.11

Doogee is offering discounts of up to 25-percent, on its rugged phones, regular smartphones, and smartwatches. The company already listed all the devices that will be on offer, along with their price tags.


The devices in question are the Doogee V10 5G, S97 Pro, S96 Pro, S88 Plus, S86 Pro, DG Area, S88 Pro, and N40 Pro. As you can see, there are 9 products listed here, and chances are you’ll find something that will interest you amongst them.

The Doogee V10 5G is getting discounted from $309.99 to $259.99. The Doogee S97 Pro and S96 Pro will be priced at $224.90 and $204.99, which are considerable discounts as well.

The Doogee S88 Plus, S86 Pro, and S86 will be available for $194.99, $149.99, and $139.99, respectively. The Doogee S88 Pro will be priced at $179.99, while the N40 Pro will cost 119.99. The most affordable product will be the Doogee DG Ares, which is a smartwatch, and it will cost only $24.99.


The company will also be giving out coupons

Doogee has also promised discount coupons for each of these products. So, you’ll be able to get even more discounts, in addition to the ones that we’ve highlighted here.

The company is also giving five free Doogee S35 devices to five lucky customers. It is doing the same thing with five Doogee CS1 smartwatch devices. So, there are two separate giveaways here. You can visit Doogee’s official website to get more information on that.

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