DJI Apps Are Not Compatible With Pixel 6 Devices, Yet

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The controversy around Pixel 6 devices has no end. Recently, some Pixel 6 owners reported that DJI apps are not compatible with their devices and face functional defects.

DJI Fly and Mimo are currently suffering from the issue, and users can’t display live previous on their devices. Actually, no picture is shown on the screen, and just a black page appears. However, the controls and interface elements are watchable and reportedly work fine. Transmitting thumbnails and video files wirelessly is also possible. But the live picture from the drone or camera is not available over the phone.

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The problem is less visible on some DJI products like Action 2 and Pocket 2. But the connection between drones and Pixel 6 devices turns out to be a complete disaster and leaves drones useless.

Last month, the company released a beta version of the DJI Fly app for Android 12. The app reportedly works fine on Pixel 4 XL with Android 12. However, the smooth running over Pixel 6 phones is not what is expected.

DJI suggests Pixel 6 owners borrow another device for using its products

The problem is probably not with Android 12, as older Pixel phones running this version of Android are compatible with DJI products. So, Google’s Tensor SoC should be investigated.


After a lot of complaints on DJI forums, the company said it is working on a fix for the issue. The release date for the update is still unknown. DJI also suggested users borrow another phone for using its drones and action cameras.

“Having confirmed with our designated teams, the surging incompatibility issues of Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro have been noticed. We will pay attention to it and strive to resolve it as soon as possible. Please wait patiently, and thanks for your understanding. If it bothers you a lot, we would recommend you borrow or use another compatible mobile device.” DJI noted.

Some DJI’s apps have not been updated in the Google Play Store for over a year. Some have stated that the non-release of the update is due to incompatibility with the new policies of Google Play. Therefore, DJI also prefers to offer updates on its website.


As complaints mount, we’ll have to wait and see what updates will be released to the Pixel 6 or DJI apps in the coming months. The Pixel 6 has one of the best cameras on the smartphone market right now, and DJI products are pretty popular among content creators.

The intersection of the two can lead to the recording and release of more professional content. However, only incompatibility has been seen between them, and it has caused users’ trouble.