Upgrade To A Smart Home With This Nest, Google Bundle For Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deals 2021 Google Wifi Nest Thermostat smart home presser

Cyber Monday continues at Amazon with a deal for those looking to improve their smart home ecosystem, including a new Google mesh router and Nest thermostat. The deal bundles the two products together with a discount of 29-percent off. Knocking the price down by $68.99 to $160.99.

What’s included in this Google, Nest Cyber Monday bundle?

Now, the bundle includes, as noted above, a Google WiFi and a Nest Thermostat. The latter product is only available in its grey-tinted Charcoal coloration, while the former is the white variant.

With regard to what the products in this deal are, Google WiFi is the first-generation Google-branded mesh router. That means that although only one gadget is included, the router itself, additional points can be purchased to fill larger homes and spaces with consistently fast internet connectivity.


The primary hub included in this bundle offers coverage for up to 15oo square feet, to be precise. And works with puck-shaped add-ons. Each point in the mesh network acts as its own hub for connecting devices. With each point also connecting to other points and the main hub, sold here. With a three-pack of the mesh devices covering up to 45oo square feet.

Parental controls with easy usability via the best smart home ecosystem around. Namely, via the Google Home app, device pausing, prioritization, and more, are all part of the package as well.

Of course, making the internet smarter is one thing. But the real savings comes when that’s bundled with products like the Nest Thermostat. Engineered to work with or without a C wire — depending on the complexity of the installed system — the Nest Thermostat is a great gadget for regulating temperatures inside your home or business. And that connects to the smart home ecosystem via the Google Home app. Allowing monitoring of energy usage, as well as energy-efficiency-first modes.


Additionally, Nest Thermostat works with HVAC systems, monitoring heating and cooling. It not only sends alerts when the system seems to be running too much or too little. It also sends reminders for maintenance. Such as when it’s time to replace filters. All while offering complete control whether you’re at home or away.

Google WiFi & Nest Thermostat Bundle Deal for Cyber Monday