Cricket Wireless Makes 5G Available To All, Removes Speed Caps

Cricket Wireless AH NS 05

When Cricket Wireless flipped the switch on its 5G service last August, it offered support for only one device: the Samsung Galaxy S20+. 5G access was also limited to its more expensive unlimited plans that start at $60 per month. More than a year later, the AT&T-owned prepaid carrier is finally making its 5G wireless service available to everyone, i.e. on all of its plans. It also now supports a bunch of other devices.

Cricket Wireless offers four different prepaid plan options ranging from $30 per month to $60 per month for a single line. And all of these plans now come with nationwide 5G access, with existing data caps though. The prices come down if you add more lines. On a plan with four lines, you’ll get 5G connectivity for as little as $25 per month, per line.

When it comes to compatible devices, Cricket Wireless now supports a total of 17 models from Apple, Samsung, and others. These include all the latest iPhones, a few Samsung mid-rangers, and more. You can find the full list here. You can also check out Cricket Wireless’ coverage map here.


In addition to this, Cricket Wireless is also removing data speed caps from its lower-cost plans. Earlier, users on the $30 per month (2GB data), $40 per month (10GB), and $55 per month (Unlimited) plans were capped at maximum download speeds of just 8Mbps. The company is now removing that limit. Of course, there may be slowdowns for traffic management.

Along with these consumer-facing changes, Cricket Wireless announced that it has added two million new subscribers over the past two years. The AT&T-owned prepaid wireless service now serves a total of 12.4 million subscribers. Additionally, AT&T’s self-branded prepaid division serves about seven million customers.

Cricket Wireless finally makes 5G available to all

Like most other prepaid carriers, Cricket Wireless also offers numerous value-added services for “something extra” to its customers. These include the ad-supported tier of HBO Max ($9.99 per month) and a free one-year Sam’s Club membership ($45 per year) with the $60 per month unlimited plan.


Additionally, it recently announced a lifetime free subscription to parental control phone monitoring service Bark Jr ($5 per month or $49 annually) to its eligible customers. Bark Premium is also available to its users at a discounted rate.

To lure more customers, the company is now offering 5G services on all its plans. Cricket Wireless competes against T-Mobile’s Metro, Verizon’s Visible, and a bunch of other prepaid wireless carriers.