Protect Your Home With Blink Cameras Up To 37% Off For Cyber Monday

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Home automation company Blink has some serious deals and bundles on sale just in time for Cyber Monday, for those in need of home security cameras. In fact, the company has no fewer than five deals in total. Including two colorways for each, with both White and Black options available. And with prices marked down by as much as 37-percent on some bundles.

What deals is Blink offering for Cyber Monday?

In terms of pricing, Blink is starting out with a 30-percent offer on its standalone Blink Video Doorbell. Priced to move at just $34.99, down from $49.99, the video doorbell does what it says on the box. Namely, acting as an interactive doorbell that lets users see who’s at the door in 1080p HD. And that comes complete with two-way communications too. With remote access made possible via direct integration with Amazon Alexa and a Blink Subscription plan.

The doorbell can also be installed in a wired or wire-free configuration. Although the latter will require a Blink Sync Module, which can be found in the second bundle available in either colorway on Amazon. Specifically, the bundle with both the doorbell and Sync Module can be purchased for 29-percent off at just $59.99 — down from $84.98.


Bumping up in price from there, at 34-percent off with a price tag of just $94.98, Blink is also selling a combination of its Blink Video Doorbell and Blink Outdoor Cam. The latter of the two products brings HD video with both day and night modes to other parts of the house. So buyers can see both their door and their yard, garage, or whatever other parts of their property they want to monitor. The camera also comes with a wire-free design, a claimed two-year battery life, and motion detection. Among other features.

Finally, Blink is also selling Cyber Monday bundles that come with the Video Doorbell and either two or three Blink Outdoor cameras. Those bundles are each 37-percent off. Allowing prospective buyers to pick up the bundles for just $134.98 or $174.98, depending on how many outdoor cameras will be needed.

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