These Are The Biggest Project Management Apps For 2022

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Project management software is designed specifically to help keep the details and events involved in any project in an order that makes it easy to keep track of and measure progress. It helps users keep track of the who, when and where, making complex projects more manageable. The ideal app allows teams to collaborate online by viewing task itineraries, recording progress made on tasks as well as making notes of any changes or actions that need to be implemented. It allows for easy accessibility and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

The apps included in this list are based on articles and reviews published by The Digital Project manager. The Digital Project Manager is a leading publication and community for people who manage digital projects, and they publish lots of current articles explaining the tools of the industry and how they work.

Best Project Management Software:


Best Project Management Software For Small Business

For a team that needs to primarily focus on managing and. Small organisations stray away from software that is expensive, requires specialization to use, or slows down the process due to complex features that are really not necessary.

monday.com is an excellent choice as it is easy-to-use and cost effective. With free and affordable plans it can serve as a great tool for beginners and small teams alike. The easy to use features also cuts down on training time and does not require any specialisation.

Hubstaff Tasks is another great app that allows multiple task tracking and lets users organize tasks in various stages of the project. An attractive feature is that users can automate assigning tasks to team members during the various project stages with just one click.


Best Resource Planning Software Tools

Project managers require resource planning tools that will deliver a complete overview of members in their team they are working on. This allows for the most effective strategy and quicker reaction times to making any necessary changes.

Resource Guru stood out for its user friendly and surprisingly intuitive user interface that delivers clear visibility into the progress of tasks, projects and workflow. It allows managers insight by providing a 360-degree view into the capacity of the team so as to ensure members are not overwhelmed.

Big Time is also a strong contender, the resource management dashboard makes budget planning simpler by allowing users to plan their resources based on the monitoring of which team members are available to participate on projects. A notable feature is that users receive a notification when they are under or over-staffed as well as time-tracking, billing, and project management.


Best Free Project Management Software

A decent amount of the best project management software comes with a basic free package. These are generally limited in their capabilities as some only allow the managing of one or two projects or users are restricted to inviting a small group of people to work alongside you. Nevertheless, if you are just getting started or working with a small team, free software can be a major help in organising and getting the job done.

ClickUp is great for all team sizes, the application packs a punch with features for managing and completing projects on a singular platform. With the use of a central workspace, users can plan projects, schedule tasks, and manage resources whilst collaborating and communicating with other members on the team as well as guest users. The basic version is free and rather rich in features but should users wish to upgrade to premium packages they are fairly reasonably priced.

Wrike is next in line, the software allows users to create customized workflows, dashboards, reports, and request forms. Whilst receiving advanced insights on project developments with reporting tools and resource management. The free plan also allows unlimited users per account with real-time edits and cloud storage integrations.


Final thoughts

Finding the right project management software or combination of can be a slightly timely process, but putting in the research before rolling it out to an entire team will save on counter productivity. Project management apps vary in cost, user interface, level of expertise, features and number of other different aspects. Project management teams should first sit down and note their requirements, budget as well as the size and number of projects that will be running at a time. With the right project management toolkit, users will be able increase productivity by working on highlighted strengths and weaknesses.