You Won't Want To Miss These 40% Off Arlo Security Camera Deals

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Home security is something everyone should consider, especially when Cyber Monday deals like these Arlo Security Camera bundles are up to 40% off. With a range of different models and bundles being discounted, there’s an Arlo package to fit every budget. And later on, you can always expand with more cameras hooked up to the system to create a larger security network around your home.

Starting at just $99, down from the original price of $129, you can get a single Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera in either Black or White. This model is completely wireless, records up to 1080p video, and it has color night vision and two-way audio. So if it picks someone up during the recording, you can have a conversation with the person on the other end.

You also don’t need a hub to use it because it connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network. You could also choose to step it up to the Arlo Floodlight Camera, which bumps the price up to $179 (down from $249), and the video recording resolution goes from 1080p to 2K. The benefit of the Floodlight camera is that it’s not just a camera. It’s also a floodlight. Plus, it puts out 2000 lumens of power, or 3000 lumens if you want to use the outdoor magnetic charging cable.


There’s also 3-packs of the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera on sale, down from $549 to $399. Obviously, this is more partially because it comes with three cameras. But they also do 2K video instead of 1080p, and they support HDR. Just like the other Arlo cameras they also don’t need a hub to connect as they directly connect to Wi-Fi. And all the Arlo cameras work with Alexa. So if you ever need to you can initiate compatible voice commands just by speaking.

There’s a few other additional bundles worth considering, too. But keep in mind that Cyber Monday deals end at midnight!

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