Android 12L Will Fix Wallpaper Bug That Crashes Games

Android 12L Logo

Android 12 has been positively received by the tech community, but it’s not perfect. There’s been a consistent bug in the software for a while. This bug crashes every game that’s running if you change the wallpaper. Now, thanks to a tweet from Mishaal Rahman, we know that a fix is coming, only not how you’d expect.

The wallpaper bug will be fixed in Android 12L.

This wallpaper bug has been present in Android 12 ever since the beta stage, so it’s kind of weird that it hasn’t been fixed yet. If you’re playing a game, and you happen to change the wallpaper while the game is still running, it will just crash. However, in the tweet, Rahman says that this issue will be fixed in the upcoming Android 12L.

This raises questions because Android 12L is not really meant for most smartphones. It’s weird that Google will be prioritizing this auxiliary version of Android rather than fixing the mainline version.


It may be a while before the fix arrives.

What makes things a bit worse for the situation is that Android 12L is not slated to be released anytime soon. A new update to Android 12 proper will be arriving in December, so we would expect that fix to arrive then; unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Android 12L is in the testing stage at the moment. It’s not currently on any devices, but a developer preview is going to be launching on the Lenovo P12 Pro. The final version of Android 12L is not expected to launch until early spring 2022. This means that this issue may persist until then.

What is Android 12L?

Android 12L is a version of Android that’s formatted for larger screen devices. This includes foldable phones and tablets.


Android has not been the best software for larger screen devices. It’s basically just the mobile version but stretched to fit a large canvas. UI elements like the multitasking screen and the notification shade just don’t work for larger screen devices.

Android 12L aims to fix this. The notification shade will be divided into two columns: one side will be for the quick settings, and the other side will be for notifications. Also, the multitasking screen will have the apps are ranged in a grid other than a line.

There will also be an app-doc that will house certain apps for quick access. These are just a few changes that we’ll be seeing when Android 12L launches.