Android 12 Now Supports The DualSense For PS Remote Play

PS5 DualSense Controller 6

Android 12 is getting some new features for PS Remote Play, thanks to an update that Sony just pushed out to the Android app. The company’s official PlayStation Twitter account announced the news earlier this morning, stating a few of the improvements the latest update to the app includes.

For Android 12 users, PS Remote Play worked just fine before now. But today’s update is likely going to make things better for a very specific set of people. Those with PS5 consoles. Or at least a DualSense controller which are considerably easier to get a hold of.

Sony also states that the update for the PS Remote Play app is live globally. So anyone who uses it around the world should have access to the new feature set.


DualSense support is not the only PS Remote Play update for Android 12

Sony’s app update plays host to a handful of new features. The DualSense support is of course one of them. But there’s improvements made for the PS4 owners today too. This includes a range of new DualShock 4 controller features.

For instance, the touchpad now works when playing games via PS Remote Play. Additionally, the motion sensor is now active, and the rumble works as well. Lastly, there’s now a battery indicator that shows up in the UI when streaming a game from your console.

All of these are nifty improvements and features that should make the gaming experience better. Though, that’s assuming you use PS Remote Play in the first place. While it works mostly ok, your home network needs to be pretty beefy for the optimal experience. As any network latency has a chance to toss a wrench into the console link.


Still, those using the app on Android 12 will surely benefit from this update. If you’ve never tried PS Remote Play out before, now seems like the perfect time. The app is free, and using it is free so long as you already own a console.

If you want to check it out, you can pick it up from the Google Play Store using the download button below.