Android 12 Dynamic Themes Coming To Non-Pixel Devices 

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The new Material You design philosophy with Android 12 brings a couple of crucial changes to the fore. Prominent among these is the dynamic themes feature, which adapts to the color of the wallpaper. This feature could soon reach non-Pixel devices as per a new revelation.

Mishaal Rahman reports a code commit on the Material Components library that reads – “Add supporting manufacturer list of dynamic colors.”

A number of manufacturers are mentioned under this commit, including OPPO, Realme, OnePlus, Vivo, Xiaomi, Motorola, Itel, Tecno Mobile Ltd, Infinix Mobility Ltd, HMD Global, Sharp, Sony, TCL, Lenovo, Google, and Roboelectric.


Samsung is surprisingly missing from the list of manufacturers

This effectively confirms that Android 12’s dynamic theming system is coming to devices outside the Pixel ecosystem. More manufacturers could likely make it to the list. As XDA points out (via), the list doesn’t contain the name of Samsung.

While Samsung offers its own version of dynamic color with the One UI 4.0 beta, it’s currently unclear whether it utilizes the Material Components library.

It’s worth noting that dynamic color may look different when other manufacturers implement it given that they will run it on their custom algorithms. This effectively means that third-party iterations of the Android 12 dynamic color feature could function and behave differently. Google has previously said it will bring the source code for Monet (codename for dynamic color) to AOSP sometime in the future.


Multiple manufacturers are currently developing Android 12 updates

A handful of third-party OEMs are currently developing the Android 12 update for their devices. Manufacturers, including Samsung and ASUS, have already finalized release plans, with beta phases progressing smoothly.

In addition to features like Material You, Android 12 also brings several other upgrades to the system, including something known as Privacy Dashboard. While it’s unclear how third-party OEMs will utilize this new feature, Google makes it relatively simple with the Pixel 6.

The Privacy Dashboard basically allows users to know what kind of permissions their apps are using. Additionally, Android 12 also brings new indicators to alert users whenever the camera or microphone is being used.


Google is bringing improvements to Adaptive Charging as well, though this feature may go unnoticed. This feature slows down battery charging between the 80 and 100% mark. However, Adaptive Charging works best on Pixel devices. Third-party manufacturers are likely to include their own version of the feature with the Android 12 update.