Save $20 On The Luna Controller For Some Mighty Fine Cloud Gaming

Amazon Luna controller 1

Amazon Luna is one of the few cloud gaming services out there, and you can enhance the experience with the Luna Controller, which is now $20 off in this Cyber Monday deal. Typically, this will cost $70, but today it’s down to $50. And while it isn’t absolutely necessary for playing games on Luna, it does make for a better experience thanks to the way the technology works.

Similar to Stadia and its controller, Luna and the Luna Controller work in tandem for cloud gaming with latency that’s as low as possible. Because the controller talks to the service through your Wi-Fi network. The shape of the controller is similar to that of an Xbox Wireless Controller. So it should feel familiar when using it to play games.

Additionally, it has all the buttons you could need. With the abxy buttons, four top triggers, a d-pad, and dual joysticks. There’s also an Alexa button and a few other buttons too.


Another cool thing about Luna is that you can easily pause the game and swap between playing on different screens. So, you can start playing on the TV and then move to a laptop or desktop if someone wants to watch something. And you can do all of this without having to restart your game. Which is pretty cool.

The controller is powered by AA batteries. So no recharging needed. And honestly that’s one less worry for you seeing as you don’t have to have one more device to charge. Alongside the Luna Controller, Amazon is also having a sale with some discounted pricing on Luna subscriptions. Which are starting at $2.99.

This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy games. And it’s worth giving it a try if you don’t feel like throwing down a bunch of money on a gaming console or PC.


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