Altering Pixel 6 Animations Can Cause Fingerprint Scanner Issues

Google Pixel 6 Review AM AH 05

If you’re prone to messing with system animations on your smartphone, you may want to avoid doing that on the Pixel 6. Altering Pixel 6 animations can cause fingerprint scanner issues, but that’s not all.

Messing with animations can cause fingerprint scanner issues on the Pixel 6

So, what’s happening? Well, if you go to the Developer Settings, and alter the animator duration scale (one of three animation-related settings), you may experience some Always On Display (AOD) issues.

This may cause the fingerprint scanner icon and battery level on the Always On Display to disappear. This has been reported via Reddit, and it seems like it has happened to quite a few people.


The solution to this is really simple, either don’t mess around with the animator duration scale, or revert it back to 1x. To be clear, this won’t happen to you unless you activated Developer Settings, and purposely changed the animator duration scale, of course.

It’s clear this is just a bug that Google missed, and it will hopefully be sorted out soon.

The Pixel 5 seems to be having some AOD problems as well

Now, this issue doesn’t seem to be exclusive to the Pixel 6 series. The Pixel 5 seems to be having issues as well, and quite possibly earlier models that have Android 12 installed.


On the Pixel 5, it takes users to the lockscreen after they hit the back-mounted fingerprint scanner in AOD. That means that the phone will have to scan your finger twice before letting you use it.

We’re not sure what’s happening here exactly, but it’s obviously a bug. This is not necessarily happening to everyone, but it’s an issue for sure. The issue has been reported at this point, and Google will hopefully sort it out in the next update, or at least in one of the upcoming updates.

This is just the latest of a number of issues spotted on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but that was to be expected. Not a single smartphone launch is perfect, and bugs always creep in. Google is usually fast to squash them, though.