Zoom Events Platform Might Disrupt In-person Conferences Forever

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You might have missed your favorite in-person conferences due to the pandemic, but it looks like conferences might be not returning. The launch of the Zoom Events Platform is looking to make in-person conferences a thing of the past.

Zoomtopia attended by 33,000, globally

Zoom, the video conferencing hero of the pandemic, claims that customers can now use it’s Zoom Events Platform to host full scale conferences. The firm tested its conferencing muscle by hosting it’s very own Zoomtopia 2021 Conference, an event which garnered 33,000 attendees across the globe. Just to put that into perspective Fenway Park in Boston has a capacity of about 37,000.

ZE Conference


Zoom Events has some serious muscle

You have to appreciate the amazing scale and capability of the virtual operation that Zooms’ service provides. Users will now be able to support 13 concurrent sessions and host events lasting up to 5 days. This alone is more than enough capacity to replace most in-person events around the world. Much has been done to ensure the experience is excellent for all parties. Organizers for example, will be able to upload session and speaker information in bulk rather having to this individually. Most importantly, for the smooth operation of an event, hosting can be assigned to up to 20 event coordinators.

Exciting features for all parties

Zoom has not forgotten attendees as well. There are an abundance of features for you to enjoy your virtual conferences. Attendees will be able to search for specific via a new directory and filter via various tracks. Attendees will also have the option to build their own schedules by adding sessions. Zoom is trying to continuously improve the service. Surveys can be sent out to find out what the audience thought of the experience after the conference has finished. Furthermore, organizers will be given the recordings of each and every event to improve their future events. There are a suite of analytics that can be helpful to organizers, post-events.

David ball explained in the blog post “Juggling multiple platforms for event hosting and management can be a challenge. That’s why we’re constantly innovating to improve how you host, manage, and report on your virtual experiences with Zoom Events, the only solution you’ll need to host virtual events”.


The Zoom Events Platform in its full capacity will be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and France. There are some limits on paid and free options for other countries, for the time being.