YouTube Rewind Series Is Ending

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YouTube said that it is ending its popular YouTube Rewind series after a decade-long presence. First introduced in 2011, the Rewind series covers the significant events in a calendar year, including mentions of the top memes and trends.

Rewind also includes cameos from some of the top YouTube creators. Although this annual video series will no longer exist, the YouTube Creators Twitter page said it will offer a “different and updated kind of experience.”

Notably, YouTube did not publish a Rewind video for 2020, considering the situation around the pandemic. The company said the decision was taken based on how the year was “different” than years past. The announcement by the company now confirms that there won’t be another annual YouTube Rewind video in the future.


“It’ll continue to be inspiring to see the myriad of ways the most creative content producers in the world — our YouTube creators — encapsulate the end of year in their video recaps, as YouTube retires its own Rewind video,” a YouTube spokesperson told Tubefilter (via).

YouTube also teased a global “interactive experience” for later this year

There could be some form of a recap experience appearing on YouTube. However, this effort will no longer receive YouTube’s funding. The streaming platform will continue to promote Rewind videos made by creators on its social channels.

YouTube also said that it would commemorate the year on a segment during the annual Streamy Awards. Additionally, the platform is reportedly planning a global “interactive experience,” though it didn’t provide any further details.


The cancellation of the Rewind series shouldn’t come as a surprise. YouTube Rewind 2018 received widespread criticism, with several viewers criticizing the fact that viral moments and many creators were left out of the video.

This eventually led to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki acknowledging the shortcomings of the video. She also said that the platform didn’t intend it to be “the most disliked video on the Internet.” Although YouTube posted another video shortly after to make up for the mess, it failed to hit the mark.

Before this episode, YouTube Rewind enjoyed decent positive reviews. The 2018 incident likely contributed to the cancellation of the series. However, we feel the circumstances surrounding the pandemic may also have something to do with YouTube’s decision.