YouTube Is Putting More Energy Into Podcasts

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It seems that podcasting is the new thing, as companies like Facebook and Spotify have been putting more energy into boosting their podcast platforms. Not to be left behind, YouTube also plans on taking podcasting more seriously. According to The Verge, YouTube just hired an executive to lead the company’s podcasting efforts.

YouTube will ‘manage’ the existing podcasts on the platform

Since there are a lot of podcasts that exist on YouTube now, the first step in this initiative, understandably, is to find something to do with all of them. Right now, YouTube is looking to manage and consolidate them before pressing forward.

The company appointed Kai Chuk to start this process. As for what he’s going to be doing, exactly, that’s still classified. Chuk has been working at the company for 10 years at this point, so he should have a pretty good understanding of how the company does things.


Since there are so many podcasts on YouTube already, the company might have to work on identifying which videos are podcasts. This way, the company would be able to figure out which ones to work on. Since YouTube Music is so closely integrated with YouTube proper, we can expect those podcasts to be streamed via the music platform.

It’s unclear what YouTube plans to do

After the existing podcasts are sorted out, you’d be wrong to think that YouTube won’t continue its efforts. Right now, it’s hard to tell what YouTube is going to do to break into the podcasting industry.

When companies like Facebook and Spotify invested in podcasting, they spent a lot of time and money reaching out to celebrities and other public figures. They established partnerships with popular brands to help boost excitement for their podcasting platform.


We can expect YouTube to do much the same. Popular podcasts currently on YouTube will undoubtedly get a boost (possibly some money) from the company to help advertise this initiative. We also can’t rule out YouTube making a proprietary podcasting platform where creators will post their content. It’s hard to say just what at this point, but we should get more details as time goes on.

In Other YouTube News: YouTube to demonetize low quality videos aimed at children

YouTube is pushing for a child-friendly platform; thus, it will be demonetizing channels that produce “made for children” content that violates its guidelines. If a channel makes videos that either have a bunch of ads or encourage dangerous behavior, it will be removed from the YouTube partnership.

This is the latest shot fired against channels that upload content that’s not safe for kids. The company plans on this to have a tangible effect, but it’s going to take some time.