YouTube Is Getting A New Feature, It's Called 'Continue Watching'

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YouTube is our go-to video streaming app or platform to watch our favorite videos from content creators. To add to its features, YouTube.com is now adding a new ‘Continue Watching’ feature on mobile devices.

Using this feature, users will be able to continue and complete watching unfinished videos from the web player on their Android or iOS devices.

You may be familiar with the mini-player that YouTube.com offers on the web. Simply hitting the mini-player button on the video player pops out the video and shows you on the bottom-right corner.


This feature is quite nifty as you can continue searching for other videos and stuff while the video is playing in the bottom corner. The shrunken video player continues to play your video. However, once you click anywhere on the player will open the video on the full page.

Android TV and supported television sets also have the capability of playing video in a mini-player, allowing you to perform other tasks. This continuity feature was missing on the YouTube mobile apps.

But now, it seems like YouTube.com has added mobile apps support for the ‘Continue Watching’ feature. Now, users can watch unfinished videos from the web player on their mobile devices.


You need to log in to the same Google Account for proper syncing

According to a new report by 9to5Google, multiple users are now gaining the ability to watch unfinished videos on their mobile phones via the ‘Continue Watching’ feature.

The capability was spotted by folks at 9To5Google earlier this week, but now it seems more people are getting this feature enabled for them.

If this feature is available for you, instead of the video’s channel name you will see, there will be a ‘Continue Watching’ button underneath the video title on the mini-player.


You can simply touch this button and continue watching that video on your Android or iOS device. Do note that you need to log in to the same Google account on both the web and mobile device for this feature to work.

It is faster and presents a seamless experience. You now don’t need to continue watching your videos from the Library or check the History section on the YouTube app. This also negates the need to manually add videos to the ‘Watch later’ section.

All you need to do is to log in to the same Google account on your mobile app and web app and continue watching videos across devices with no issues.


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