YouTube App Gets A Minor Design Update

YouTube Logo AM AH 1

The YouTube app on Android excels in many areas, but it’s not without some flaws. Google is fixing one such design flaw with an update. The update includes changes to the border/line at the bottom of the app.

This line exists for no particular reason, and it only highlights the empty area between the navigation bar and the upload button. Google is now removing this line altogether, so the bottom bar now looks more streamlined.

The change was first reported by the Google News Telegram channel (via). While there’s no information on when this change will reflect on the YouTube app, it shouldn’t take too long to reach devices.


The color of the bottom navbar is now consistent with the rest of the UI

In addition to removing the annoying line at the bottom, the YouTube app also gets a matching color scheme for the navigation bar. In previous versions, the navigation bar had a different color than the rest of the UI. This was prominently visible while using YouTube in Dark Mode. Thankfully, the new update brings a more uniform look to the navbar.

YouTube Design Update - Old v New

YouTube could push these changes as part of a server-side update, so it probably won’t need a full app update.  Be sure to keep an eye out for these small but welcome changes.


Earlier this week, YouTube announced a “New to you” tab for the web, mobile, and smart TVs. This feature focuses on improving recommendations and providing users with content they haven’t watched before. YouTube said it hopes this option “keeps things fresh.”

Separately, the streaming platform also wants to enhance its credentials in the podcasting business. The company recently hired Kai Chuk, a decade-long employee at YouTube, to lead its podcasts initiative. If there’s one area where the platform is still lagging, it’s podcasts. But it seems like that could change soon.

The company also wants to compete with short-format video app TikTok, as we’ve seen with YouTube Shorts. After releasing this feature in a handful of countries initially, YouTube started the global rollout of Shorts in July this year. While it’s not quite as popular as TikTok, this service certainly has the potential. Adoption is likely pretty decent given that Shorts lives inside the main YouTube app.