Xiaomi 12 May End Up Offering Uniform Bezels

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According to a new report from a well-known tipster, the Xiaomi 12 will offer even slimmer bezels than its predecessor, and we’re hoping that means we’ll get uniform bezels. This information comes from Digital Chat Station, who shared it via Weibo.

The Xiaomi 12 may end up offering uniform bezels, unlike its predecessor

He said that the Xiaomi 12 will offer a really high screen-to-body ratio. The phone will feature a curved display, but its top and bottom bezels will also be thinner, it seems. The Xiaomi Mi 11 already offered extremely thin bezels, so this will be interesting to see.

Now, the Mi 11’s bottom bezel was slightly thicker than the rest of its bezels. That is the case for the vast majority of phones out there. Only a couple of phones managed to offer uniform bezels. As far as Android phones are concerned, only the Pixel 5 did.


That being said, the Xiaomi 12 may join it. The tipster did not necessarily mention uniform bezels, but he did say the phone will have an “ultra-narrow chin”, which means we’ll get an ultra-narrow bottom bezel.

Such thin bezels may be exclusive to the “Ultra” model

Now, we’re not sure if this change applies to the entire Xiaomi 12 series, or just the most powerful model Xiaomi will announce. We presume that the “Ultra” model will be the top-end one.

Just to be clear, the Xiaomi Mi 11 arrived in two variants, the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra. Those were the high-end offerings from Xiaomi. Those are not the only Mi 11 phones that the company announced, but that’s a different story entirely. These are the only high-end Mi 11 phones.


We expect Xiaomi will do something similar with the 12 series. You’ll also note that I didn’t use the “Mi” naming for the upcoming Xiaomi 12. That’s because Xiaomi ditched the “Mi” brand a while back. You can expect its future products to exclude it.

The Xiaomi 12 will become official in either December or January, if rumors are to be believed. We’ll probably see plenty more information surface in the coming weeks.