Wyze Launches New Smart Bulb With ‘Sun Match’

Wyze Sun Match

Wyze has unveiled a new smart bulb that can automatically adjust its color temperature based on the sun. Known as Sun Match, this feature is available exclusively on the Wyze Bulb White. Moreover, the bulb can offer different tones depending on the time of the day.

These new smart bulbs offer a temperature range between 2700K to 6500K, thus covering a broad spectrum. With a maximum output of 800 lumens, this bulb can be used for practically any purpose. Coupled with a 90+ Color Rendering Index, it is an excellent addition to your existing smart bulbs.

The setup process is fairly easy too. Multiple bulbs can be connected all at once using only Bluetooth and no hub. There are controls for sleep routines as well, allowing the bulb to dim the lights when it’s close to bedtime (via).


The manufacturer also unveiled the Wyze Switch for $32.99

The smart bulb also packs a security-related feature known as Vacation Mode, which adjusts the lighting to give outsiders the impression that you’re home even when you’re not. Customers can pre-order the Wyze Bulb White in a four-pack today for $31.99. The company says it will start shipping orders in November.

Wyze Switch

The manufacturer also unveiled the Wyze Switch for easy control of your smart devices and lights across the home. This is a physical wall switch unit, so its setup may require some electrical know-how. The idea is to allow users to control their smart home products with a single physical switch.


Users can set schedules, automation routines, and timers on the Wyze Switch. It also works with the aforementioned Vacation Mode feature. Wyze says that this switch can be controlled using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

In the event of a power outage, the Wyze Switch will automatically connect back to the same Wi-Fi network when the power is restored. This smart wall switch is now on pre-order for $32.99 for a three-pack, with shipping expected to commence in December.

While Wyze is a well-known brand in the smart home segment, the company also has a few other products on offer. Earlier this year, the company unveiled the Wyze Buds Pro earbuds with features like ANC and wireless charging. These earbuds are particularly impressive for their modest price tag of $60.