When Is Black Friday This Year?

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When people hear the word Black Friday, they are filled with excitement, followed by the question, ‘When is Black Friday?’ To set the confusion aside, Black Friday is on the 26th of November, 2021.

Don’t worry. The Black Friday big day is still a month away. Most people panic and start wondering about what to buy, what they need, and so on. However, it is best to remain on point and list all the things you need, gifts for Christmas, and any other replacements for the house. Many people prefer buying birthday gifts and others to avoid overspending throughout the year.

Last year saw plenty of people lamenting over the Covid-19 restrictions, lockdown, and social distancing. This year will see many Black Friday shoppers making time for friends, loved ones, colleagues, and other special people in their lives. This means that most people will actively make their shopping lists and think about Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. Black Friday deals and sales are also excellent for other gifts like Bar Mitzvahs, holidays, house warmings, weddings, and more.


How To Find The Best Deals For Black Friday?

Most people usually compare the prices between sites like Amazon, Argos, Currys, John Lewis, etc. Since you have enough time leading up to the Black Friday Sale, it is best to stay organized, make a list (or multiples) of things you need to purchase. Once the sales and discounts start, you should look at different websites offering the deals and ensure you get the best price.

Many people also start building Christmas hampers by buying smaller things in bulk and assembling everything at home. Doing this saves money and gives you enough time to get everything ready in advance.

Another smart way to get a good Black Friday deal is to add everything to the wishlist first, then shift to the basket. Once there, do not purchase immediately. Make a note of the total cart amount, and then compare the price drop once the online sale starts. Doing this will also give you a good idea about the discount margins, allowing you to add other things to the basket before checkout.


Some websites also offer additional deals and discounts nearer to Black Friday. If you find a price that you like but are hesitant to finalize, it is best to wait a little closer to Black Friday. You may get a better deal than the earlier one. However, this is not a guarantee. You may not get additional deals, buybacks, or discounts aside from the ones already given.

What Will Black Friday 2021 Bring?

Last year, the UK saw some incredible deals since retailers and online stores tried to entice customers to purchase. The Covid-19 pandemic hit the retail stores quite badly with shopping malls, large stores, and social distancing limits. Now, with the vaccine available, UK residents are venturing out. However, many retail outlets are still following social distancing protocols.
Black Friday 2021 will see a mix of gaming devices, entertainment, discounts on furniture, home appliances, décor, gifts, smartphones, electronics and more. This year expects even more significant discounts on large brands like Apple, Samsung, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, LG, and more.

Since the competition skyrocketed with last year’s Black Friday sale, the discounts this year also look extremely promising. Premium and luxury shopping will also see a price drop with discounts to make products more affordable. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many high ticket and luxury items have also dropped their prices to entice users to increase purchases. This trend bodes well for shoppers waiting to make luxury purchases during the Black Friday sale.


Will There Be Large In-Store Black Friday Sales?

While the UK is recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, there may not be much emphasis on sizable in-store shopping deals. Most retailers may not encourage large crowds in the stores, and waiting in long and crowded lines to get in, does not seem favourable in the given circumstances.

Brands will majorly push online shopping, deals, discounts, buyback, easy payment options, and overall bargains for consumers. Many retailers and large shopping malls will still advertise Black Friday deals in-store, but these may not be exclusive offers only in brick and mortar outlets. The same deals may be available online at a cheaper rate. Retailers would also prefer people making online purchases for home delivery options instead of overcrowding in the stores and shopping malls.

Many UK stores have shown to be highly resilient about the pandemic and have demonstrated their dedication to the health and safety of their customers.