Two Of Fitbit Charge 5's Features Arriving For Fitbit Luxe With New Update

Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracler 4

A new update is live for the Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker. The best thing about the latest update is that it brings two of the best Fitbit Charge 5’s features to the Fitbit Luxe.

According to a new report by 9To5Google, before this update, only Fitbit Charge 5 was the fitness tracker from the company that had the Always On Display feature.

Now, the AOD or Always On Display feature is arriving for the Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker with the new update. Well, that’s not it. Along with the clock visibility at all times, thanks to AOD, Fitbit Luxe is also gaining the feature to track your blood oxygen levels or SPO2 levels even while you are sleeping.


So, with the premium Fitbit Luxe fitness tracker, you will have more data with you. To recall, the Fitbit Luxe was launched back in April this year.

This premium fitness tracker from Fitbit has a bangle or jewelry-like design, giving it an aesthetically pleasing look. In fact, it is the first fitness tracker from Fitbit that comes with a color display.

The Fitbit Luxe is getting AOD and SPO2 monitoring features with update version 1.151.16

Additionally, there is an AMOLED display which the company touts to be 2x brighter than the Charge 4. It also comes equipped with an ambient light sensor and five days’ worth of battery life.


The price of the Fitbit Luxe was $50 more than the $99 Inspire 2. Despite such premium pricing, it lacked some common features like AOD and SPO2 monitoring during sleep, which the Charge 5 had.

Thankfully, with the latest update, Fitbit Luxe owners can also enjoy the Always On Display and SPO2 monitoring while sleep features.

Once you have updated your Luxe fitness tracker, you can enable the AOD feature on it by heading over to the Settings app > Display settings > Always-on display.


There are options to even set off hours, which allows you to turn off the AOD feature for a period. This would eventually give you better battery performance out of the fitness tracker.

As far as the SPO2 monitoring feature is concerned, you can view the collected data using the SPO2 tile by swiping up from the clock face. Besides, it will also be available to access via the Fitbit app’s Health Metrics tile, on both Android and iOS devices.

You also get a few additional things with the latest update. Notably, it also brings an increase in font size, bug fixes and other user experience improvements. To update your Fitbit Luxe, you need to open the Fitbit app on your phone and tap on your profile. If the update is live for your device, a pink banner will indicate it.