Twitter Lets You Subscribe To Revue Newsletters Directly From Tweets

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Twitter is making it easier for users to subscribe to Revue newsletters. When someone shares a link to a Revue profile page on Twitter, the tweet will feature a “Subscribe” button. Clicking on it will let you quickly subscribe to their newsletter.

Twitter will also embed the Subscribe button in tweets containing links to individual issues of a Revue newsletter. The tweet will initially look the same as a link from any other website. But when you click on it to open it and then return to your Twitter timeline, a Subscribe button will appear below the link.

Clicking this button will prompt you to confirm your subscription. And once you’ve done that, your subscription is complete. You will now receive the newsletter directly in the inbox of the email address linked to your Twitter account. No separate email verification is required.


If you want to use a different email, you can do so before confirming your subscription. Twitter will redirect you to Revue where you can manually enter your alternate email to subscribe to the newsletter. Twitter will also take you to Revue if you don’t have an email address linked to your account. Note that manually entering your email on Revue will require email verification.


Twitter rolls out one-click Revue subscription buttons

Twitter acquired Revue in January this year. The company said it wanted to help journalists and writers who have built a loyal following on the platform grow and better connect with their audience. Revue is already making a name for itself in the subscription newsletter service space thanks to its lower commission than rivals such as Substack. Revue takes a five percent cut of writers’ revenue, while Substack takes a ten percent commission. But the Twitter add-ons have made the service even more appealing to writers.

In August, the platform added Revue subscription buttons to writers’ profiles so their followers can quickly subscribe to their newsletter. As of last month, this feature became available to everyone on the web as well as mobile apps. Now, Twitter is adding a “one-click” subscription to tweets, which could further drive subscriptions. This gives an advantage to writers using Revue over other newsletter services.

The new Revue subscription button in tweets is now available to all Twitter users on the web version of the platform, both desktop and mobile. The company says support for Android and iOS mobile apps will roll out soon. We’ll keep you posted.


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