Twitter Spaces Feature Is Now Available To Everyone

Twitter Spaces 1

Twitter is finally letting everyone create Spaces, its Clubhouse-style audio chatrooms. The company has announced that the feature is now rolling to all its users on Android and iOS. Users with 600 or more followers could only host Spaces previously.

Twitter Spaces first arrived on iOS in December last year before making it into Android earlier this year. Twitter also launched the feature on the web, both mobile and desktop, late in May. However, all this while, Spaces had this weird “600 followers” limitation. Twitter said, “these accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting live conversations because of their existing audience.”

But the company did suggest that it may bring the audio chatrooms to everyone at a later stage after the initial runs. True to that word, the feature is now rolling out to all Twitter users. Anyone can now host their own Spaces regardless of how many followers they have.


The latest announcement by @TwitterSpaces also comes with a GIF that quickly teaches how to get started with Space on Twitter. If you’re new to it, simply tap the Compose button (+ icon) at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Now select “Spaces” and follow the on-screen prompts to create your first audio chatroom.

Twitter Spaces is now available to everyone

Twitter launched Spaces late last year following the meteoric rise of Clubhouse, which introduced the social audio concept amid the coronavirus pandemic. Despite being invite-only, and limited to iOS, Clubhouse crossed 10 million downloads globally in less than a year since launch. Pandemic-stricken people loved the new concept of audio-based social conversations, so much so that Twitter and the likes quickly launched their own similar products.


Since then, the social media giant has been working to bring Spaces to more users. At the same time, it has also been adding new features to its audio chatrooms. In August, it added a co-hosting feature that let you add up to two co-hosts and ten speakers to your chatroom. It is a useful feature for large events.

Prior to that, Twitter tested monetizations options in Spaces. Called Ticketed Spaces, the company allowed creators to host paid events and sell tickets for them. Twitter also recently launched a creators fund to support Spaces creators. It is a three-month program called the Twitter Spaces Spark Program that offers, among other things, a stipend of $2,500 per month and $500 in monthly ad credits to selected creators.