Twitter For Android Can Now Follow Your System Dark Mode Settings

twitter lights out dark mode AH

Twitter has long-supported dark mode on Android. You can manually turn on the feature or have the app match the sunset/sunrise every day to automatically enable/disable dark mode. It also offers two different dark themes: Dim and Lights out. But what it lacked all this while is the ability to follow the system dark or light mode settings of your smartphone. Twitter simply never added this option to its Android app for the longest time. That’s finally changing now.

Twitter has just announced that the Android app can now match the device’s dark/light mode settings. A recent update for the app adds a new “Use device settings” option under the “Dark mode” menu in Display settings. It replaces the “Automatic at sunset” option that existed before.

If you select the new “Use device settings” option, Twitter will automatically match your phone’s dark/light mode settings. Meaning when your phone is set to dark mode, Twitter will also switch to dark mode. Likewise, the app will automatically adapt to the light mode when your phone switches to light mode.


If you’re one of those who prefer to always use your phone and apps in the dark mode, like me, this new addition hardly makes any difference. But for those who frequently toggle between the two themes, or have set up a custom schedule for automatic switching, Twitter now following system settings will be highly helpful. They will not encounter a bright Twitter screen when everything else is dark or vice versa. After all, most Android apps can already follow the device’s dark or light mode settings.

Twitter Android Dark mode

Twitter can now follow the system dark or light mode settings on Android

Twitter has just announced this rollout but it already appears to have reached many users around the world. You can also try your luck by updating the app to the latest version (link below). Once you have installed the update, you can tap the “light bulb” icon at the bottom of the sidebar menu and select “Use device settings” to have Twitter follow your system dark mode settings. You can also find the same menu under Settings and privacy >> Accessibility, display and languages >> Display >> Dark mode on Twitter Android app.


Note that the feature may not be available immediately to everyone. In that case, it’s advisable to check back at a later time. Nonetheless, you can click the button below to download the latest version of Twitter for Android from the Google Play Store.