Top 5 Android Apps For Your Business

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The use of Android phones in the US has increased dramatically since 2014. When considering the best apps for your business it is important to include this facet as they are the most commonly used type of phone. Apps are no longer for social media and messing around anymore, and it is extremely common for freelancers and owners of small businesses to utilise them in their business in order to remain organised and connected.

Any small business could benefit from the features these apps offer to be able to complete a host of its everyday tasks as efficiently as possible. Given the importance of finances to a business, many of the apps included in this list are accounting tools, but that is not the extent of the list.


The industry favourite for business accounting software, QuickBooks is an affordable, user-friendly solution for all of a business’s finances. This software is recommended for companies of any size – those who are unsure must utilise the free 30-day trial of their product in order to determine whether this software is the right decision for them.


The android app version of QuickBooks is an incredible addition to their roster, as even with the lowest tier of their subscription service, SaaS ($10 per month), full access to all of QuickBooks’s services are granted through the app. The app allows users to sift through customer details, document receipts, track late invoices, manage expenses, send invoices and much more.


In the corporate world, TSheets is regarded as one of the best time-tracking software solutions that exists for small and medium-sized businesses – and its Android app service ensures that mobile access is as streamlined as can be. The amalgamation of the Android app with the service’s SaaS enables businesses to ditch paper timesheets entirely.

The GPS location tracking of its Android app is ideal for businesses with many employees that work remotely; it grants access to each employee’s location information, as well as confirmation of their identity with facial recognition. This app also makes the circulation of schedules extremely simple, and intelligently coalesces with other Intuit services. This app is a bargain for SMEs at only $25 per month for the entry-level subscription.



Unlike most of the other inclusions on this list, Trello is a free Android application that includes paid tiers as an option. It is most definitely a requirement for small businesses and entrepreneurs hoping to up their organisation game – in the office or at home. Trello is a project management app that allows for the creation of workflows, plus the invitation of others to collaborate on these projects.

In addition to this, users of the app are also able to allocate themselves, and others, tasks; post comments on current public projects; link files from GDrive and Dropbox (including photos and videos). Users are also able to produce helpful to-do lists, plus communal boards for many projects to be organised with tangentially. Not to mention the ability to work offline.


Asana is another app on this list that is a must-try. This revolutionary to-do manager enables its users to distribute tasks amongst all of their employees swiftly and simply. Tasks are able to be allocated to a person directly (or in a select group), can include multiple subsections and can be commented upon.


The free version of this Android app grants users access to its basic features for up to small companies; this makes it the perfect ‘free trial’ for small businesses and startups who are not ready to commit. Alternatively, customers can pay $9.99 per month per person in order to access the complete package.

G Suite

Google’s range of Android applications included under its office ‘G Suite’ banner are an absolute treat for businesses to use, and continue to push the boundaries of what was previously thought to be possible. Presently, this service provides support for documents, presentations, PDFs, spreadsheets, notes, images and team messaging.

To top this all off, their service is cross-platform – this permits users to use both their mobile and computer for work as information held in G Suites will be synced across both.


Closing Statement

For a more detailed examination of small business accounting software in particular, please refer to The Really Useful Information Company’s (TRUiC) website directly.