Ticwatch 3 Ultra Has Been Confirmed, Will Run Wear OS

ticwatch 3 ultra gps
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Wear OS users are all waiting for Wear OS 3 to finally launch for non-Samsung smartwatches. In the meantime, some companies are getting impatient and launching their new watches before the update. Mobvoi is one of those companies, and it just confirmed the Ultra variant to its Ticwatch 3 series.

The Ticwatch 3 Ultra GPS is said to improve heart rate monitoring

There’s still not a lot of information about this watch just yet, but we can’t really expect a huge departure from the Ticwatch 3 Prp. In a more recent leak, the ultra variant was discovered buried in the code of the Mobvoi app. That leak also revealed that there will be some improvements to heart rate monitoring.

The watch will be able to tell the biological age of a person’s heart. That sounds like a rather impressive feat for a smartwatch to do.


The specs are still in the rumor stage

Through the leaks, we were able to gather some important information, but you should still take it all with a grain of salt. According to GSM Arena, the Ticwatch 3 Ultra GPS is rumored to be using the Snapdragon 4100+ SoC. This chip should deliver a bit more power efficiency.

A leaked video showed a man showing off the watch, but he only really showed the box. We were able to see some slight differences between the Ultra and the Pro variants, however. The main difference is in the bezel; the bezel on the Ultra appears to be a bit thinner than the Pro’s bezel.

Looking at the box, we were also able to glean the operating system. It says that this watch will be powered by Wear OS. This is a pretty big development because when the Ticwatch 3 Ultra GPS was first shown, it was referenced alongside two other watches, but those watches didn’t run Wear OS.


Mobvoi is giving some of these watches away

Mobvoi is counting down to the official launch of the Ticwatch 3 Ultra by giving away 10 of them. Between October 8th and October 13th, the company will be holding a giveaway. In order to compete, you’ll have to go to the Mobvoi site and register. After that, you’ll need to follow the company’s Twitter.

Between October 8th and October 12th, you need to complete certain tasks on Twitter. On October 13th, if you complete the final task, you will get a $20 gift card for Mobvoi products and a chance to win a free Ticwatch 3 Ultra.