The US Wants 30 Countries To Take Joint Action Against Ransomware Threats

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The president of the United States, Joe Biden, will have a meeting with 30 countries leaders, and he will try to make them aware of ransomware threats, CNN reports. Biden wants to highlight the dangers of ransomware for economic and national security.

According to national security adviser Jake Sullivan, “Cyber threats affect the lives and livelihoods of American families and businesses.” Also, the administration “continues to build on our whole-of-government effort to deter and disrupt cyberattacks.”

The United States has always been a constant target of ransomware attacks, and these attacks have sometimes disrupted people’s lives. One of the most recent ransomware attacks was against the fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline. The company had to suspend operations for several days.


Sullivan added that the goal of this collaboration is “to accelerate our cooperation in combatting cybercrime, improving law enforcement collaboration, stemming the illicit use of cryptocurrency, and engaging on these issues diplomatically.”

Moreover, these meetings will discuss ways to cut off ransom groups’ access to financial resources and how to prosecute them.

“The Federal government needs the partnership of every American and every American company in these efforts,” Biden noted in his statement.


The ransomware threats have worried world leaders more than ever

As the world becomes more dependent on the Internet and electronics, ransomware attacks and cybercrimes are prevalent. This is not the first time that experts in the United States have warned of the spread of ransomware attacks in the country.

Dates back to May, the FBI announced that Conti ransomware had targeted 16 healthcare organizations in the United States. Of course, the Conti ransomware also targeted Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) and Department of Health (DoH). The makers of the ransomware demanded a $20 million ransom to release the information. The smartwatch maker Garmin also paid $10 million ransom over its hacking. New Cooperative grain company is the newest victim of ransomware attacks in the United States. They had to shut down their systems.

As always, Russia is under accusation, and the United States has blamed it for the ransomware attacks. Although Moscow has always denied the allegations, there is some evidence that Russian-backed groups are behind the threats. Moreover, the Conti ransomware is believed to be a Russian-based cybercrime group.


The US Treasury Department has also imposed sanctions on a cryptocurrency exchange that is said to be linked to hacking groups and conducting financial deals for them.

Joe Biden recently called on the Russian president to pursue and prevent ransomware attacks on Russian soil. China and Iran are among the other cyber threats against United States.