Telegram Gained 70 Million New Users Thanks To Facebook

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Believe it or not, Telegram actually gained 70 million new users thanks to Facebook. As most of you know, the other day, Facebook’s services went offline. That includes Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Facebook already explained why it happened, but the point is, all those services were offline for hours. That managed to upset quite a few people, and many of them looked for alternatives.

Telegram managed to get 70 million new users thanks to Facebook

It’s not exactly a secret that Telegram’s operations were affected by this on the day, as the service struggled to cope with all the users that switched over. We knew that it happened, we just didn’t know how many of them jumped over.


Well, according to Telegram’s CEO, Pavel Durov, Telegram actually managed to break its record by adding 70 million users in a single day. Mr. Durov also claims that Telegram managed to handle this really well, as the service worked perfectly for the vast majority of users.

He did note that some users in the Americas may have “experienced slower speed than usual”. The main reason is the addition of new users which ported over, especially in that region.

Telegram’s CEO claims the service is “light years ahead of the competition”

He also took the time to welcome new users to the service, while adding that they should stick around to see why “Telegram is light years ahead of the competition”.


It took Facebook quite a bit of time to fix the problem, so many users were without access to their favorite social networks / messaging services. Facebook did apologize for the outage since, and also explained what happened, as already mentioned.

It seems like an incorrect configuration change was behind all this. Facebook also pointed out that no user data was compromised because of this. The company’s CEO also apologized to users. If you’d like to get more details regarding the outage, click here, as you’ll be able to see a more detailed explanation issued by the company.