T-Mobile Will Pay Off Your Current Phone If You Switch From Its Rivals

T Mobile SIM carrier DG AH 2020

T-Mobile is offering new customers as much as $1,000 per line if they switch from its rivals, including Verizon and AT&T. The company Thursday announced that it will pay off any amount you owe your current carrier for your smartphone, up to $1,000. And you can bring in up to five eligible devices. Meaning, savings of up to $5,000 if you bring your entire family over to T-Mobile.

Interested users can bring in their current phone along with a picture of their last bill to get started. Customers of Verizon, AT&T, Spectrum, Xfinity, US Cellular, Boost, and Claro are eligible for this promotion. T-Mobile has provided a step-by-step guide as well as eligibility criteria for all carriers here.

Fine prints reveal that the phone you’re bringing in must be unlocked, and you must have used it on your current carrier for at least 90 days before making the switch. An eligible T-Mobile plan is also required. T-Mobile will verify the eligibility and e-mail you the rebate amount via virtual prepaid MasterCard within 15 days. The virtual prepaid card expires in six months and doesn’t offer cash access.


T-Mobile is betting on its wider 5G coverage to lure customers from AT&T and Verizon. According to the company, its 5G network is nearly 2x larger than AT&T’s and 4x larger than Verizon’s. Taking a dig at these two carriers, T-Mobile says their customers are paying more and getting less 5G coverage.

“AT&T and Verizon customers with brand-new 5G phones often find themselves without 5G coverage. Now, those customers can switch to T-Mobile, and we’ll pay off what they owe the Carriers for their smartphone up to $1,000,” said Jon Freier, Consumer Group President at T-Mobile. “They’ll save up to 20 percent on their family plan and get way more 5G coverage.”

This T-Mobile “Keep & Switch” promotion is live starting today

A part of the company’s Keep & Switch program, the new promotion is live starting today, October 22nd. T-Mobile doesn’t reveal how long the promotion will run. It simply says it’s a limited-time offer. So, if you’re interested, you might want to hurry up.


Note that this promotion is only valid for devices from select brands: Google, Samsung, and Apple. Moreover, not all devices from these OEMs are eligible for the promotion. To be specific, T-Mobile will not pay off your remaining smartphone payments if you own the latest models from any of these brands. You can only bring in a Google Pixel 4 series or older, a Samsung Galaxy S20 series or older, or an iPhone 12 series or older. Nonetheless, if you’ve been looking to switch your network operator to T-Mobile, this is probably the best time to do it.