Far Cry 6 And More Is Available Via Stadia Today

AH Stadia Far Cry 6

It’s a big week for Ubisoft, and a big week for Stadia with the launch of Far Cry 6. Ubisoft’s latest open-world action-adventure game in the franchise has launched on Stadia today, and you can pick up Far Cry 6 in a couple different ways if you want to play it via that platform.

You can either purchase one of the bundles, or you can play it without purchasing if you subscribe to Ubisoft+ through Stadia. Either way allows you access to the full game. If you end up buying the title instead, you have a choice of a few different options, including the Ultimate Edition which comes with a number of extra goodies.

While Far Cry 6 is Stadia’s biggest new addition for October 7, it’s not the only detail worth mentioning.


Buy Far Cry 6 on Stadia and get a free Premiere Edition

Earlier this week, Google started offering people free Premiere Edition kits for pre-ordering Far Cry 6 (but really you could buy any game). While the pre-order phase is now over, you can still score the free kit if you buy the game by October 10.

It has to be the full price at a minimum of $59.99. So any of the game bundles will work for this. But it’s also only while supplies last. So don’t wait till the last minute just in case stock runs out.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue and The Falconeer: Warrior Edition are also available on Stadia today. So if you don’t have enough to play through this upcoming weekend and beyond, you have options. Loads of them.


There’s a few days left of the ESO Bounties Of Blackwood event

If you play The Elder Scrolls Online through Stadia, there’s just a few days left to participate in the Bounties Of Blackwood event that’s going on right now. It started on September 30, and it only goes until October 12.

Seeing as it’s October 7 at the time of writing, the event is not long for this world. There’s some pretty cool items and gear you can pick up too. So you may not want to miss out. Also worth mentioning is that Stadia is approaching its second anniversary since launching back in 2019. So keep an eye out for anything special that Google may be planning.