Sony's Global PS5 Hardware Sales Now Tops 13.4 Million Units

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Sony has been slaying it with its global PS5 hardware sales since launch. And according to its latest quarterly earnings report, it’s showing no real signs of slowing down. Just this past quarter from July to September, Sony reports it has sold another 3.3 million PS5 units. Meaning its now at around 13.4 global PS5 hardware sales since the console came out last Fall.

3.3 million units is equal to the amount of PS5 consoles it sold in Q4 of 2020. And one million more consoles than the previous quarter of this year when it had reached a total of 10 million. If Sony keeps on this upward trend than it’ll potentially reach more units sold the same time last year. Which might not be too hard to do given it’s now right in the middle of the holiday shopping season in the US and some other regions.

PS5 global hardware sales help make Sony’s gaming division its most profitable

Sony’s gaming division now seems to be its most profitable division. In part because of PS5 hardware sales. But it’s not all down to the PS5. Sony also still continues to sell PS4 units. Reporting that it sold 200,000 units this past quarter. That’s compared to 500,000 in the previous quarter.


All told Sony’s gaming division revenue amounts to around 5.6 billion this past quarter. Sony also sold 76.4 million units of full game software across PS5 and PS4 this past quarter. With 7.6 million of those games being first-party titles.

So far this is shaping up to be a good quarter for Sony across its PlayStation hardware and software segments. As it’s sold more in both areas than previous quarters. Last quarter, Sony sold 63.6 million units of full game software. Although it sold more first-party titles last quarter at a total of 10.5 million.

Are PS5’s becoming easier to get?

Not exactly. The PS5 has struggled to be openly available for anybody that wants one since the beginning. And while restocks have been happening more frequently throughout the year, the console still sells out in mere minutes or less every single time.


You still can’t walk into a local Best Buy and purchase one off the shelf. Not without having first reserved it through an online sale for pickup. But, that hasn’t stopped Sony from cranking out as many hardware units as it can. As the sales show.