Here's How You Can "Maybe" Get A Hold Of A Brand-New PS5

PS5 DualSense Controller 6

Sony is giving you a chance to buy a PS5 through PlayStation Direct via invites. Not through its normal method of restocks where you have to wait in a queue. As anyone who has unsuccessfully been trying to buy a PS5 since last year knows, beating out other consumers as well as scalpers with bot programs is not exactly easy.

The global chip shortage has caused many a problem for consumers looking to get the new console. Although, restocks have been happening more frequently. Still, they go just as fast as they always have. So if you’re not prepared or quick enough on the draw, you likely miss out. Sony is trying to curb that a little bit and make things more fair.

Register through PlayStation Direct to get a PS5 purchase invite

If you’ve found it troublesome to buy a PS5 through normal means, then this is your best chance. Probably. You’ll need to register with your PSN account on the PlayStation Direct website, and if selected, Sony will send you an invite to buy the PS5.


You’ll have your choice of either the disc or digital edition. The only downside here is that there is no guarantee you’ll get an invite. Still, this way you won’t have to wait for a restock and bank on the chance you’re quicker to checkout than everyone else.

There’s also a time limit on registration. However, Sony isn’t sending out invites until November. So you still have a couple of weeks to register. Which means you can register right now. Worth noting is that this is just a registration. You aren’t actually buying or paying for anything yet. So you may as well go through with the registration asap and see what happens.

Sony says selection is based on previous interest and PlayStation activities. So the more you’ve purchased PlayStation products, it’s likely the better your chances are. This is also ONLY available in the US. So you will need to have a US PSN account and live in the US to get an invite to buy the console. You know what to do. If you still haven’t gotten a PS5 and you’d like to try an get one, make sure you register.