Some Pixel 6 Pre-Orders Facing Serious Delays

Google Pixel 6 Series AM AH 7

Not everyone who pre-ordered a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro will get it on time, it seems. According to reports, the Pixel 6 series pre-orders are facing some serious delays, well, some of them.

They were supposed to be delivered tomorrow, but some of them have been pushed by all the way to mid-December. Some AT&T customers complained about this, actually. They took their issues to both Twitter and Reddit.

Some Pixel 6 pre-orders are facing serious, two-month delays

They’re reporting that their Pixel 6 units could arrive as late as December 16. One user says that the new estimate highlighted by AT&T estimates a Pixel 6 Pro delivery for December 9-16. He says that he put in his order within 3 hours after the order page went live.



AT&T customers are not the only ones having issues, though. Customers from both Verizon and T-Mobile seem to be facing some issues as well. They even had issues with pre-order discounts, outdated shipping info, and uncharged cards.

The majority of US carriers seem to be having such problems

On top of all that, customers from both carriers are also having issues with delayed arrival dates. Some of them are reporting that delivery dates have been pushed back so much, that delivery dates are basically meaningless.

Now, Android Police reports that it reached out to all three major carriers in the US for a comment. AT&T responded by saying that it is shipping pre-ordered devices to consumers. It did note that for a select few variants, there may be delays. It reassured its customers that it’s doing its best to deliver devices as soon as possible.


Such delays were kind of expected, though. Not only did Google really nailed the price tag on both phones, but the chip shortage is still in effect. On top of that, the pandemic is still ongoing, and unfortunately, that creates quite a few problems in the supply chain and so forth.