Samsung Shows Off One UI 4 In New Promo Videos

Samsung Logo Box DG AH 03 2020

Just as Google is preparing to launch Android 12, Samsung is gearing to launch One UI 4. According to 9To5Google, the company just ended the beta for the Galaxy S21 phones and it showcased the UI in two different promotional videos. These One UI 4 promo videos give us a walk through all of the changes coming to Galaxy phones.

The One UI 4 Promo videos show us what’s new, starting with visual changes

There are a ton of changes that Samsung made to its user interface. For starters, there are the general UI tweaks like the rounded corners on the widgets and menu items. This also extends to non-Samsung widgets.

Across the software, to help users “focus in a more intuitive way,” similar colors are grouped together. For example, if you see red anywhere in the software, it will always be grouped with green.


As for dark mode, Samsung has finally extended it to app icons. Now, all of the app icons will have a darker shade to them when dark mode is enabled. If you want to customize your UI, you will be able to choose a color palette for your UI. The videos also advertised the Dynamic Color feature that’s present on Android 12.

There are a few changes to the notification shade. To start off, it looks like the brightness slider has been moved back to the top of the shade. When you’re listening to audio on a Bluetooth device, you’ll be able to switch between audio sources from the notification. Also, you can scrub through your audio right on the notification.

Other features include the camera and privacy

Samsung is bringing a handful of new additions to One UI’s camera experience. If you want to quickly switch from pictures to video, all you have to do is swipe up on the shutter button to start automatically recording video. When you want to share your photo, the photo preview shows up in a larger size so you can better review what you’re sending.


When it comes to your privacy, the promo videos showed off how One UI 4 will handle it. Firstly, when an app uses the camera or microphone, you will be notified by an icon on the top of your phone. You tap on it to deny or grant access. You will have the option to restrict access or have the app ask each time for permission.

If you’re iffy about sharing your location, you will have the choice to give your exact location or just your approximate location. This is great if you want to give general regional information without having companies pinpoint you.

There are a ton of other additions, so if you want to check them out, you can watch these One UI promo videos below.