You Can Now Edit Date & Time Of Images In The Samsung Gallery App


Recently, it was reported that Google Photos gained the ability to allow users to edit the date and time of an image, and it looks like Samsung was inspired to make changes to its own gallery app. Now, with the second Android 12 beta update, Samsung has also added the same feature on its Gallery app to allow users to edit the date and time.

Google released the Android 12 OS for AOSP a few days ago. Brands like Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO, etc. are already pushing out the Android 12 beta updates for their devices.

Samsung is already up ahead with the rollout of the second Android 12 beta update for its devices. As it started pushing the software out on October 5. A host of new features, including Material You design language, new mic controls in video calls, etc. are arriving with the new software.


Deatils of the new feature add were spotted by Reddit user Kidi_Galaxy (via Android Police). In order to edit the metadata of an image, you need to open the image first. Then tap the overflow menu. Here you can edit the metadata of that particular image.

Samsung makes it easy to edit date and time of images in the gallery

The metadata includes the name of the phot. As well as the date and time of the photo. In addition to the location of where it was taken. You can edit all this information using the Samsung Gallery app.

This feature comes in handy when you have imported images from your PC or downloaded images sent over by friends. If you think the image contains the wrong metadata, then you can correct it.


Along with the introduction of the ability to change the metadata of images in the Samsung Gallery app, there is one small change introduced in the Create menu.

The new version of the Samsung Gallery app also shows the available options as tiles when you select multiple images using the Create menu. Previously, it displayed the options as a list. But now it will show them as tiles with a brief description of what each one does. Finally, Samsung has also removed the option to change accent colors from the Labs menu.