Disappointing Galaxy S22 Series Charging Speed Seemingly Revealed

Galaxy S22 Plus CAD render 8

The entire Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup has appeared at the 3C authority website in China. In other words, the Galaxy S22 series charging speed has been confirmed, basically, as this is China’s official certification authority.

Official authority confirms Galaxy S22 series wired charging speed

The devices appeared under SM-G9010, SM-G9060, and SM-G9080 model numbers on the website. According to the site, all three phones will support 25W charging. This refers to 25W charging, by the way.

So, those of you who were hoping for faster charging for at least the ‘Ultra’ model, well, it seems like Samsung won’t offer it. Previous reports claimed that we’ll get 45W charging on the ‘Ultra’ model, but that won’t happen, it seems.


Samsung almost certainly won’t even include that 25W charger in the box. It did not include it for the Galaxy S21 series, so the same will be the case for their successors.

Unfortunately, the 3C authority does not mention wireless charging details. All three phones are expected to offer wireless charging, though, we just don’t know how fast will it be. We’re expecting 15W wireless charging, though.

All three phones will launch in either January or February

The Galaxy S22 series is expected to arrive in either January or February. Most rumors suggested the launch event will take place in January, but the latest rumor paints a different picture.


According to that rumor, the Galaxy S21 FE may launch in January, and the Galaxy S22 series in February. That would be a rather odd turn of events, but it is possible, as the Galaxy S21 FE October launch has allegedly been cancelled.

Many more Galaxy S22 rumors and leaks will follow in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for that. We already have quite a lot of information about all three phones, but the finer details are not out yet.

What is interesting this time around, is that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will offer a different design compared to its siblings. It will also become the first S series smartphone to include an S Pen dock.