The Rise of Mobile Players in Online Casinos

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Without any doubt, smartphone technology is one of the most impactful innovations to date. There is hardly a sector that has not felt the impact of the technology since it was invented many years ago. More so, it played a crucial role in the massive turbulence that rocked the world in 2020. This article will explore how it continues to be the driving force behind the fast growth of online gambling, particularly in India.

The Rise of Mobile Gambling In the World

Mobile gaming was already prevalent before the global health care crisis came in 2020. With the emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, governments had to enforce lockdowns across the country. Millions of people worldwide had a lot of free time, and they had nothing to do with the time. For the first time in history, sporting activities that usually acted as the last resort for people’s entertainment had to stop.

To get away from boredom, people had to resort to gambling as a new form of entertainment. As a result, we saw more people used their phones to bet in 2020. The rise in the number of players was a chain reaction that caused other significant things. For instance, there was a rise in the number of casinos during the period. You can check out this list of online casinos to see for yourself. Some states in the US had to make changes to their policies to allow gambling. Germany also made plans to increase the scope of its online gambling industry.


India is one of the countries in the world with a massive population of punters. Although the pandemic played a significant role in the rise of online gamblers in India, there are many other obvious reasons. Perhaps, the population of India is one of them. We know that as of the first quarter of 2021, India has about 560 million internet users. That figure makes India the country with the second-largest population of internet users in the world after China.

Today, the number of punters in India exceeds the number of gamblers in Europe and some parts of Asia. That is very understandable considering the number of internet users in the country.

Why is the growth of mobile casinos rapid in India?

The growth of mobile casinos in India is on the rise faster than any other nation globally. However, that growth is not coincidental. The sudden surge in the growth of Indian Mobile casino Players has been linked with these reasons:


The rise in India’s young population

India has the second-largest population in the world after China, with over a billion people. When you look at the demographics, you will see that over 50% of this massive population is around age 25. That’s like 500 million-plus people, a little more than the entire population of the US—the third most populated country in the world after India. Interestingly, a considerable number of Indians alive today are in their 40s.

Usually, people within this age bracket, 20-45, are the soft targets of the online mobile gambling industry. They are agile, more readily receptive to technology, and often need to get entertained. More so, these people are always on the lookout for opportunities to make money quickly. So, mobile internet gambling becomes an easy choice for these people because it is easy, convenient, and allows them to get the entertainment they want.

The rise in Indian internet users

Today, almost everyone in India has access to the internet via their smartphone. The number of internet users in India alone is about 560 million. Like we said earlier, that is larger than the population of the United States put together. That massive pool of internet users creates a homogenous market with potentials for any business, including gambling. As we see more people continue to adopt the internet, we also expect to see even more mobile casino players in India.


Growth of mobile gaming

Another reason that explains the rise of mobile casino players in India is the recent surge in smartphones in the country. More than before, we see a massive production and sales of affordable high-end smartphones across the world. People who previously could not afford smartphones can now afford them. More so, the mobile phone industry itself is improving massively. Today, mobile phones now come with enhanced usability as well as exciting and entertaining features.

Thanks to these huge advancements in mobile technology, people now use their phones more than their desktops or laptops. As a result, many developers try to tap into the massive demand for mobile services and create mobile versions of many desktop games. Casino developers are not left behind. Today, most casino operators have dedicated mobile applications where players can play and enjoy their games at their convenience. All the player needs is to access the mobile application, and they can start enjoying millions of gaming entertainment in few clicks.

Advertisements and marketing campaigns

Another big reason for the surge of online mobile casino players in India today is marketing and advertisement. There is hardly a good website with substantial traffic signals in India that does not have a gambling advert. Everywhere you look on the internet, there is a video, a gif, a picture, or an animation telling you about the significant benefits of gambling. Many of these big names go about trying their best to sway as many people as they can to join them. One of their strategies is to flaunt their heavy welcome bonuses and other added benefits to entice new players. While some of these ads can be intrusive and annoying, sometimes you can’t but appreciate the ingenuity and creativity that goes into some of them. People are constantly using their phones these days, making it easy for people to click these ads either knowingly or by error. Several people today have been introduced to the world of mobile casinos through these adverts.