PUBG Mobile Partnered With Liverpool Football Club To Bring Exclusive Content

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PUBG Mobile has been really busy this month doing collaborations and hosting events to keep interest in the game. Today, we got word that the mobile gaming platform has partnered with the Liverpool Football Club to bring some exciting gear into the game. This is the first time that this game is collaborating with a football club.

The partnership with Liverpool Football Club will undoubtedly bring some themed items and outfits

For American readers, the Liverpool Football Club isn’t for American football, but soccer. This event is going to give you in-game content, so don’t expect to win any motorcycles with this one. Instead, the company stated that players will be getting LFC-themed gear. This could mean anything from soccer-themed dances to soccer-themed weapons; who wouldn’t want an LFC-themed pan?

As for other additions, we can guess that there will be some outfits themed around the club. The team members wear outfits in deep red color with white accents, so we can expect an outfit like that. What would really make this exciting is if you could win outfits based on players’ specific team numbers. You could go around playing as your favorite team member. If you want to earn these items, you will need to play the game and participate in daily tasks.

There’s still a lot up in the air at this point, as the official launch date of this event is a little ways away. The event will start on November 12th, and it will last until December 20th.


Maybe soccer’s not your thing; how about Baby Shark?

The Liverpool Football Club isn’t the only collaboration that’s going on with PUBG Mobile. The game has also partnered with the worldwide sensation Baby Shark. During this event, you will be able to earn some fun and colorful Baby Shark-themed gear to spice up your matches. Firstly, you’ll get a yellow outfit that resembles a big pajama suit. You will also earn a Baby-shark pan, Baby Shark stickers, and a Baby Shark parachute.

Let’s not forget about the dance! During the event, you will be able to unlock that famous dance that everyone does in the privacy of their bathrooms. You will be able to earn the dance and other goodies by participating in daily tasks. If you don’t want to part with these items, you will be able to keep them permanently, which is a great perk. If this is more of your cup of tea, the event is currently going on, and it will end on November 20th, so you have plenty of time.