This One Day Only SSD Deal Is Perfect For PS5 Owners


The PS5 is still a hot ticket item even nearly a year later, and this PNY XLR8 CS3040 SSD is the perfect accessory for it right now. As some (or most) of you already know, the PS5 now supports expandable storage through the use of an NVMe SSD. There are tons of options out there that will work. So long as it meets the PS5 requirements that Sony put forth.

The reason this deal on the SSD from PNY is such a good one is because it’s on the 4TB model. So you have a TON of space for all of your games. That’s 4TB in addition to the 625GB or so you have from the internal SSD on the PS5. Which means you’re likely to never run out of room. Or at the very least not for a long time.

Normally this SSD retails for $749.99. But for today only, you can pick it up on sale for just $519.99. This deal lasts for just under 14 hours at the time of writing. Saving you $230. Also worth noting is that PNY sells this exact SSD with a heatsink too, but that model isn’t compatible with the PS5 due to the size.


So if you’re planning to use it with the PS5, you’ll need to get the non-heatsink model and then get a heatsink separately that fits the size requirements. Then put it on yourself before installation. If you’re looking for other SSD options, check out our guide for Best SSDs for the PS5.

In terms of specs, the PNY XLR8 CS3040 comes with 4TB of space. It also has a read speed of 5,600 MB/s and a write speed of 3,900 MB/s. There’s a 5-year warranty too, and it’s an NVMe PCIe Gen4. While the read speeds are a bit slower than something like the WD_Black SN850 and the Firecuda 530, it’s also less expensive.

By comparison, the 4TB Firecuda 530 is listed at $999 on Amazon. And the SN850 only goes up to 2TB. So you definitely don’t want to miss out on this deal.