Pixel Stand App Update Brings Material You Redesign

Pixel Stand leak featured 810x298 c

The Google Pixel 6 will be launching on October 19th, and we’re all excited about that. What’s also exciting is a peripheral to launch along with it, the new Pixel Stand. As reported by Mishaal Rahman, a Pixel Stand app leak points to some visual changes that are to come along with a new update.

The Pixel Stand app update will bring a Material You redesign

At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised when a Google app gets the Material You paint job. The company has been on the fast track to adorning each of its apps and services with this design aesthetic. Rahman’s report was via a tweet, and it shows a video of the app in action.

The video doesn’t really show much, but it still gives us some good information. For starters, we see the Material You design influence ever so slightly with the “Next” button. It has the rounded and bubbly shape that decorates most of Android 12’s UI. The button’s color and the background reflect the wallpaper’s color.


There will be different charging modes

The second screen shows us some charging settings. There are three options that affect charging speed: Optimized, Max, and Quiet. Max mode will charge the device using every ounce of energy. This will lead to the fastest charging, but it will also lead to the most heat produced and diminished battery life.

Next, there’s Quiet mode. The new Pixel Stand is rumored to come with a cooling fan. Quiet mode points to the app slowing down the fan’s speed for less noise.

Optimized mode will vary the charging speed based on the phone’s usage. It may take factors like the phone’s temperature, which apps are being used at the moment, the battery percentage, and how much energy is being used into account.


So, what will the new Pixel Stand pack?

The new Pixel Stand will be robust in both features and price. The update will add a setup flow to the Pixel Stand app. For Pixel phones, the stand will deliver 23 watts of power, but it doesn’t only work for Pixel phones. It will still deliver a respectable 15 watts to other devices.

Speaking of other devices, the new Pixel stand will have two charging coils, being able to charge wearable devices like smartwatches. Though the Pixel 6 phones will be relatively inexpensive, this stand is a little pricey; it will run you $79.

The Pixel 6 phones are going to be launching on October 19th, and they will ship out on October 28th in the US. As for Europe, they will ship on November 1st. The base model is expected to cost $599, while the pro model is expected to cost $898.