Pixel ‘Sounds’ App Gets The Material You Makeover

Google Pixel 5a AM AH 6

Google is updating the Sounds app on Pixel smartphones with Material You redesign and a new “Material Adventures” collection. This comes on the eve of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro release.

As part of the redesign, users will start seeing a standard list of icons instead of the older grid view. This entire section also has rounded corners now, which is in line with other Material You apps.

9to5Google notes that the “Sounds” section on Pixel devices formerly utilized the Pixel’s original wallpaper picking screen. The “Currently set” tone is shown at the top while there are nine additional collections to check out. This includes My Sounds, Pixel Sounds, Material Adventures, Classical Harmonies, Minimal Melodies, Reality Bytes, Retro Riffs, Play It Loud, and Seasonal Celebrations.


The new update comes ahead of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro release

The user’s current selection is highlighted with Dynamic Color while tapping on a particular collection also displays its gradient graphic on the top.

The Sounds app previously got a new default notification tone, ringtone, and alarm tune with Android 12 Beta. This new update brings Material Adventures-related tones across all three categories. There are 14 new notifications, alarms, and ringtones included with this update.

Pixel Sounds Update


Here are some of the new additions with this update.

Alarm sounds: Balafon Sunrise, Blades of Grass, Blast Off, Butterfly Trails, Dustscape, Forest Beat, Funkyard, Horizon, Knick Knack, Piano in the Sky, Piano Taps, Step Out, Temple of Dreams, Zebra Stripes.

Ringtones: Approach, Aqueous, Beats and Bops, Blue Harp, Departure, Dish Hop, Dragon Dreams, Flitter, Go Off King, Pivot, Shimmering, Snap Technique, Star Jump, Tinsel.


Notification sounds: Carbonate, Discovery, Epiphany, Everblue, Gradient, Iota, Moondrop, Mystique, Orbiter, Plonk, Scamper, Shuffle, Sunflower, Teapot.

This is a big update in anticipation of the new Pixel release as well as the broader Android 12 rollout. These changes are part of version 3.0 of the Sounds app for Pixel devices. Although it is rolling out via the Play Store right now, it could take a while to reflect on all devices. In any case, be sure to keep an eye on the Play Store for an update.

Google started sending out Material You updates to its core apps a few months ago. More recently, the company started rolling out this new redesign for the Pixel Stand app.